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Metalsmithing on Main Street

Gem Gallery goldsmith Chris Tullar has been in Bozeman since 2001 and has seen it go through a lot of changes over the years.

Re-opening the Yogo Sapphire Mine: One Year Later

The Yogo Sapphire mine has had a long and exciting history. Most recently, it changed ownership in August of 2017. We checked in again with the new owner, Don Baide, longtime Bozeman resident and owner of The Gem Gallery, to see how reopening the Vortex Mine is going.

The Golden Touch: Bozeman’s Prodigy Jeweler

He wasn’t a goldsmith when he started visiting The Gem Gallery in Bozeman after school. He wasn’t even old enough to drive. In fact, it was in his earliest years when Jason Baide found his calling making jewelry.

Striking Gold: A Goldsmith’s Story.

When goldsmith Philip Devitt travels, he doesn’t aim to visit the same tourist spots as everyone else. You may not find him at an iconic statue, a historical monument, or even at a natural wonder. He’s got eyes for one thing: jewelry.

Yogo Sapphires: Full of Montana History

When it comes to precious rocks, Montanans have a soft spot for Yogo sapphires. Unique in their natural and consistent color and famous throughout the world, Yogos are formed in Montana’s Little Belt Mountains, and nowhere else.

The Yogo Sapphire Mine is Reopening!

You read that right! The Montana Yogo sapphire Vortex mine in Judith Basin County — right in the heart of the state — is reopening! These precious products of the Treasure State will once again be sustainably mined from the earth and perfected by the artisans at The Gem Gallery in Bozeman.

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