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Bozeman School District seeks community input on high school boundary lines

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The Bozeman School District will hold a public information session Thursday night regarding the boundaries for when the city has two high schools.

The high school transition committee has been brainstorming various options for when Bozeman has two high schools come the fall of 2020.

Bozeman School Board Trustee, Transition Committee member, and parent Greg Neil said, “We want to be as transparent as possible and we want as many people to have as much information as possible regarding the process the committee has been going through since last spring and determining where the boundary line is going to be.”

There are currently five different options.

Option A follows 19th south from the interstate and goes along the east edge of the Anderson and Cottonwood district boundary to the Gallatin gateway district boundary. It then follows east to the border of Gallatin County.

Option B follows 19th south from the interstate to Paterson Road then continues the boundary line west along Paterson until it reaches Gallatin Gateway Boundary. It then continues the boundary line south following the Gallatin Gateway boundary.

Option C is similar to option A, except the area west of 19th and east of Davis Lane is extended and south of Durston. Main and College is included in Bozeman high school area.

Option D is known as the diagonal option and this boundary line is more equal distance from each school. It combines option B and C and makes it more possible to walk or bike to school along with equalizing the rural school enrollment.

Option E moves the line west from 19th to Fowler and the change is balanced by the north area of the interstate being split between the two schools.

Rather than giving a traditional presentation, the district will have stations with each option at the information session.

“Allow folks to go and dig in as deep as they want with the details of each option. I think everyone processes differently, I think. Some folks are really comfortable with emailing and giving their opinion and some people want to talk through and ask more questions so we’re just trying to provide as many avenues as we can for folks to give us their input,” said Bozeman School District Deputy Superintendent Steve Johnson.

As a committee member, trustee, and parent, no matter what the boundary line decision is, Neil said he doesn’t have concerns.

“I’m 100 percent fine with my kids going to either high school. They’re both going to be amazing high schools once the construction is complete,” he said.

The Transition Committee plans to make a recommendation to the board by January. The board also plans to make a decision in January.

The public information session will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, in the Berg Library at Bozeman High School.

Emma Hamilton

Emma Hamilton

Emma joined the KBZK news team in May of 2018 as a news reporter. When she's not reporting, Emma enjoys the outdoors, running and spending time with her dog, Lucy. Have a story idea or want to chat? Send Emma an email at
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