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Issues with Verizon 911 calls in Gallatin County have been resolved


Emergency calls from Verizon phones are now going to the proper emergency lines and are no longer being re-routed to non-emergency lines at the Gallatin County 911 Center, according to a media release.

The issue between telecom companies that was causing the re-routing of calls has been resolved, the release said.

Gallatin County 911 Director Jim Anderson thanked dispatchers and staff “for their diligence in efficiently working around these issues the last few days.”

(first report) The Gallatin County 911 Center says calls to 911 in Gallatin County from Verizon Wireless phones are currently being re-routed to the center’s non-emergency lines.

According to a media release, calls are being re-routed due to “a telecommunications company issue between Verizon Wireless, CenturyLink and Zayo,” and not technical issues at the 911 Center. The county says it is doing what it can to mitigate the problem.


  • Until further notice, if you have an emergency and call 911 from a Verizon phone, be ready to IMMEDIATELY tell dispatch that it’s an emergency AND provide a location as calls to the non-emergency lines don’t provide location data.
  • Because there are only two administrative lines, the center can only take two calls from Verizon phones simultaneously. If you get a busy signal, hang up and try again until your call is answered.
  • There is no time frame as to when these issues will be resolved.
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