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MSU Billings considers cutting 37 academic programs

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BILLINGS – Officials at Montana State University Billings said Thursday they are considering phasing out 37 academic programs.

These are programs that include little to no enrollment, according to Shannon Wilcox, university relations director.

The plan is to better align the university’s “173 programs with student needs and market demands,” Wilcox said in a text message.

The Strategic Program Alignment (SPA) Committee put out the recommendations.

The list shows 14 programs with zero students.

Programs with no students include Associate of Applied Science degrees for Medical Administrative Assistant and Power Plant Technology along with programs for Minors in Physical Education and Economics Education.

Others in the planned phase-out include Pre-Professional Engineering, with 17 students; Biological Environmental Science, with eight students; and Earth Science Education with seven students.

The faculty helped determine which programs to cut, she said.

There are no plans to eliminate faculty in this process.

This is the first of three phases, and the final phase will add programs that are needed.

Wilcox said this process is happening at universities across the country.

At the end of April, the committee will go to Phase Two and consider another list categorized as integrate/invigorate, for growing programs.

Phase Three will add programs based on strategic priorities and the highest demand.

Click here for a full list of programs considered for elimination.

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